Key Advertising Terms, Phrases, and Marketing Strategies for Your Business

You might be a skilled business person, but odds are good you’re selling your business for the first time. So don’t make a novice mistake in the marketing strategy you use for your business. The wrong word or strategy can delay a sale—and potentially kill it altogether.

The general goal should be to convey that the business is in good working order, that the management team is organized, and that the owner is professional, sane, and easy to work with. The marketing copy you use can support this message, or kill it outright. Be conservative, focusing on a handful of effective phrases—not just trying to lump them all into a single ad. And if you’re struggling with your marketing materials, consider hiring an M&A advisor who has been there, done that, and who knows how to get results.

The first 30-45 days are critical to a successful sale. So getting attention quickly is one of the most important goals of a well-designed marketing strategy.

Best Phrases, Copy, and Words to Use in Your Business Sale Posting
Buyers hate nothing more than dishonesty. After all, a sale demands trust. So only use these phrases if they are verifiably true—not just if you wish they were:
• Good books and records
• Retiring owner
• Excellent location
• Includes real estate
• Verifiable financials
• Strong financials
• Pre-qualified for SBA loan
• Owner selling for health reasons
• Owner carry-back note
• Owner financing
• Owner will carry
• Growing sales
• Growing profits
• Increasing revenues
• Consistent earnings
• Recurring earnings
• Large client base
• High adjusted net income
• Strong management team
• Staff in place
• Demonstrable cash flow
• Absentee run
• For sale by owner
• Semi-absentee run
• Relocatable
• Multiple branches
• Home business
• Support and training offered
• Established
• Management in place
• Team in place
• Streamlined operations
• Easy operation
• Training by ownership
• Easy to learn
• Room for growth
• High projected growth
• Steady client base
• Computerized operations
• Owner will train
• Strong track record
• Updated client database
• Point of sale/POS system in place
• Help finance the deal
• Owner will carry note
• Long lease option
• Great lease
• Cooperation with agents and brokers

Remember that the most effective advertising strategy is one that allows a buyer to quickly assess the business. Give as much information as you can, but keep the information relevant and interesting. An emotional rant that doesn’t help the buyer determine whether they can turn a profit is not just useless. It’s harmful. Your copy should also give specific geographical information.

Worst Text and Phrases
Don’t use any of these—or any variation thereof. They concern buyers, create a bad first impression, and make the team appear irresponsible and unprofessional:
• My loss, your gain
• No training
• Owner must sell
• Rock bottom pricing
• Must sell quickly
• Don’t let this opportunity pass
• Priced to sell
• Act now
• Location, location, location
• Must see
• Won’t last
• Money maker
• Good location
• Don’t lose out

Your copy should be clean and grammatical. Misspellings and grammatical errors deter buyers. Avoid using all capital letters, refusing to give financial information, not offering a sale